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Qatar investor visit

November 2009: Qatar set to be a new heartland for Shell

Simon Henry (Chief Financial Officer), Malcolm Brinded (Executive Director Upstream International), Matthias Bichsel (Director Projects & Technology), Andy Brown (Executive Vice President Shell Qatar) and Mark Gainsborough (Executive Vice President Downstream Strategy) gave presentations during the Qatar investor visit on 23 November 2009.

Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) reconfirmed good progress of the Pearl GTL and the Qatargas 4 projects for a group of its shareholders and investment analysts.

HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry said: “Shell has only been back in Qatar a few years and over that time through the realization of Pearl GTL and Qatargas 4 projects they have established a significant position in Qatar’s energy sector. We appreciate our partnership with Shell and we believe this relationship will be a source of long term prosperity and growth.”

Shell Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser commented: “I am very pleased with the progress that we are making with Pearl GTL and Qatargas 4. We have enjoyed tremendous support from our partner Qatar Petroleum and we are pleased to play our part to establish Qatar as the number one LNG and GTL producer in the world. On today’s basis these two projects alone would represent over 10% of our world-wide production. Qatar underpins Shell’s growth plans to 2012 and will be a heartland for decades to come.”

Presentations, transcripts and videos

Introduction to the Qatar Investor Visit 2009

Simon Henry, Chief Financial Officer introduces the Qatar Investor Visit 2009 and reviews our strategy overall.

Presentation slides introduction to the Qatar Investor Visit 2009

Transcript introduction to the Qatar Investor Visit 2009

Middle East Heartlands New Horizons

Malcolm Brinded, Executive Director Upstream International talks about our upstream activities and opportunities, our exploration strategy and how it contributes to the diverse portfolio and plans to sustain our global IOC leadership position in LNG.

Presentation slides 'Middle East Heartlands New Horizons'

Transcript 'Middle East Heartlands New Horizons'

Video 'Middle East Heartlands New Horizons'

Projects & Technology

Matthias Bichsel, Director Projects & Technology explains the new projects and technology business division and how it interacts across the organisation and creates competitive advantage.

Presentation slides 'Projects & Technology'

Transcript 'Projects & Technology'

Video 'Projects & Technology'

Shell Qatar

Andy Brown, Executive Vice President Shell Qatar discusses GTL technology and the Pearl GTL project and updates on progress of the Qatargas 4 LNG project.

Presentation slides 'Shell Qatar'

Transcript 'Shell Qatar'

Video 'Shell Qatar'

Downstream & GTL

Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President Downstream Strategy explains how Downstream is uniquely positioned and how we will use our leading brand, technology, global supply chain and marketing capabilities to maximise the value of GTL products in global markets. 

Presentation slides 'Downstream & GTL'

Transcript 'Downstream & GTL'

Video 'Downstream & GTL'

Close-out of the Qatar Investor Visit 2009

Simon Henry, Chief Financial Officer summarizes principal strategic themes and key messages from all speakers.

Presentation slides Close-out of the Qatar Investor Visit 2009

Transcript Close-out of the Qatar Investor Visit 2009