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In locations around the world, business leaders, government officials and other experts come together to discuss how world’s vital resources of energy, water and food will come under growing pressure over the coming decades. They address the theme of resilience, considering how business and governments can be more resilient in increasingly volatile times.

The venues and presentation technology helps to immerse participants in an innovative environment. Speakers and panelists share their expertise and views, sparking new ideas and debate around potential solutions.

We broaden the debate beyond the closed forums via our social media channels.

“21st century threats require 21st century solutions.” Neil Morisetti, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“We are in a race against poverty and a race against climate change.” Dick Benschop, President-Director of Shell Netherlands

“We live on a planet under pressure.” Johan Rockström, Stockholm Resilience Centre

“Government, civil society and the private sector can work together in a more meaningful way.” Julia Marton-Lefèvre, International Union for Conservation of Nature

“To encourage collaboration, you have to move people to see how collaboration is good for them in the short-, medium- and long term.” Michael Suess, CEO Energy Sector Siemens AG

Brian Walker

“I hope the forum will help leaders of individual companies understand that for their company to persist in the future, the systems they use and depend on need to be resilient."
Brian Walker