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Rotterdam 2013: in search of resilience

Following on from the 2012 theme of the complex issues posed by growing pressure on our planet’s essential resources – a phenomenon sometimes called the Energy-Water-Food Nexus – the 2013 event embarked on a search for greater societal resilience: the long-term capacity of a system to cope with change. Sometimes change in the world is gradual and predictable. At other times, sudden changes can disrupt the climate and vulnerable communities. Such sudden disturbances are expected to increase in frequency and magnitude as the result of stresses on resources and society, as well as acute events such as droughts and floods.

Attendees joined a diverse group of experts, including Julia Marton-Lefèvre (Director-General IUCN), Jørgen Ole Haslestad (CEO Yara), Andrew Steer (President World Resources Institute), Michael Suess (CEO Energy Sector Siemens AG), Daan Roosegaarde (Studio Roosegaarde) and resilience experts Brian Walker (Resilience Alliance) and Johan Rockström (Stockholm Resilience Centre). Representatives from The Great Energy Challenge, a National Geographic initiative in partnership with Shell, were also present.

Have a closer look at resilience

Resilience illustration, by Jongens van de Tekeningen.
(JPG, 630 KB)

Resilience illustration during Powering Progress Together 2013 in Rotterdam, by Jongens van de Tekeningen.

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Highlights from the day’s discussions are included, along with images, videos, questions, Twitter conversations and other interesting moments captured during the day.