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The conferences around the world

Rotterdam 2015

The Powering Progress Together forum in Rotterdam on May 21, 2015, will be entirely dedicated to the vital importance of technical (STEM) education. Find out more!

Detroit 2015

Held at the COBO Center on April 9, 2015 the conference will focus on the urban nexus: the intimate connection between people, mobility and technology. Find out more.

Manila 2015

This edition of Powering Progress Together will focus on "Resilience in an Urbanising World" and the key role cities will play to be sustainable. This is a significant topic for Asia since it is the most populous continent, and home to over half of the world’s megacities.

Rio de Janeiro 2014

For the first time in Latin America, Powering Progress Together Rio de Janeiro hosted a debate about the connections between energy, water and food.

Rotterdam 2014

Closer collaboration is needed for more resilient cities, according to experts and leaders at Shell Powering Progress Together 2014 in Rotterdam.

Manila 2014

The 2014 conference in Manila, the Philippines, discussed the urgent need for greater resilience, faced with the growing pressure on global resources of energy, water and food.

Rotterdam 2013

Shell and the City of Rotterdam co-hosted the second Powering Progress Together forum, focusing on the debate around resilience and its relationship with the energy-water-food nexus.

Rotterdam 2012

In May 2012, Shell and the City of Rotterdam co-hosted the very first Powering Progress Together conference discussing the energy-water-food-nexus.