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Wall Street Journal

Over the last few years Shell has been a key sponsor of WSJ ECO:nomics conference which attracts over 200 executives and thought leaders to discuss the issues driving change for business and the environment.

This year Marvin Odum,  President Shell Oil Company and Upstream Americas Director, took part in an “in conversation” interview at the event with John Bussey, Assistant Managing Editor WSJ, on the theme of “A New Middle East: The US as an Oil Powerhouse”. Shell also hosted a custom exhibit at the conference featuring a Shell Eco-marathon car.

Watch John Bussey interview Marvin Odum

Marvin Odum speaking at the 2013 WSJ ECO:nomics conference.

Marvin Odum speaking at the 2013 WSJ ECO:nomics conference. Copyright © 2013 WSJ

WSJ ECO:nomics conference.

WSJ ECO:nomics conference. Copyright © 2013 WSJ

Fortune Brainstorm Green

A panel discussion at Fortune Brainstorm Green. Copyright © 2013 Time Inc.

A panel discussion at Fortune Brainstorm Green. Copyright © 2013 Time Inc.

Shell was a gold sponsor of Fortune’s 2013 Brainstorm Green conference and its “Energy, Climate & Policy” programme. The conference aims to facilitate debate and generate ideas around some of the world’s most pressing sustainability issues. It brings together 350 individuals from across government, industry, NGOs, think tanks and the media.

Marvin Odum took part in a panel discussion on the future of oil, gas and renewables hosted by Fortune’s senior editor Brian Dumaine. Shell also hosted two breakfast roundtables on biofuels and a workshop on sustainable solutions to the challenges of water, food and energy production.

Aspen Ideas Festival

The Aspen Ideas Festival is dedicated to Engaging Ideas that Matter. Shell supported the 2013 festival and shared insights around its New Lens Scenarios. These explore how economic, political, and social forces will shape the global energy system.

Marvin Odum and Jeremy Bentham, Head of Shell’s Scenarios team presented the new scenarios and explained how they help Shell link uncertainties about the future to decisions made today.  

Marvin, Jeremy, and other thought-leaders also took part in an innovative simulation exercise grounded in Shell’s Scenarios. Participants were split into two-groups and asked to explore how the future of our planet may unfold, including an examination of the role oil, gas, and renewables will play in getting us there.  Wrapping up Shell’s presence at the Festival was a custom-display which gave participants an opportunity to experience first-hand the long-term consequences of the choices we make today.