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Shell first entered Ecuador around 1937, exploring for oil in the El Oriente jungle region but left the country after unsuccessful exploration activities. In 1964, Shell returned to Ecuador engaging in lubricants production and later in 1989 in their sale and distribution. In 1994 Shell entered the fuels retail business but exited from this activity in 2006. Today, we maintain lubricants business operations in Ecuador.


Shell Compañía de Petróleos Ecuador S.A.

Postal address:  Casilla 09 01 654

Office Address: Calle 9na. Y Av. Domingo Comin
Guayaquil - Ecuador

Phone: +5934 2445345
Fax: +5934 2580841



Corporación Azende Cia Ltda logo

Company name: Corporación Azende Cia Ltda


Postal Address:  01010538


Office Address: Octavia Chacon Chacon 4-17


Website: http://www.azende.com 

Phone: +00 5927 2806333

Fax: +00 5937 2807600

Email: info@azende.com 

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