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Life at Shell: Working Offshore

I can make an impact through Shell. We do a number of things to ensure that we produce safely, and I play a big part in that – contributing to projects and different ideas that can have a potential impact in that area.

Michelle Bourgeois, Facilities Engineer

Working for Shell in Assen, the Netherlands

I think that values such as integrity and honesty are really present. I really feel like one of the team. I never get the feeling that I am approached differently by anyone.

Cindy Dirkx

Engineering careers at Shell: Perspectives from a female leader

Dr Selda really makes an impact on me. As a female, and a female leader in this company, she shows that females can play a significant technical role. So it has really inspired us as young potential female engineers to go into this industry and to develop ourselves and to make a better progress in the future. It really is inspiring.

Zhang Kaizi, Nanyang Technological University

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