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Our people are diverse, passionate and are collaborating on innovative projects all over the world. We’re committed to inspiring change in the workplace and to creating opportunities for development and learning that are open to everyone at Shell.

What our employees love most about Shell

It’s the people that keep me at Shell. It’s the diversity of the nationalities. It’s the open but challenging conversations. So it’s about the culture and the people – that’s what I enjoy in Shell.

Ruth Leach, General Manager, Retail Engineering

Ana - Drilling Engineer at Shell

I never feel like I'm alone, because you have a global network

Ana Flenoy, Drilling Engineer

In search of explorers

I definitely feel like I am encouraged to be myself at Shell. You feel all right to be yourself. You feel okay to voice your opinions and to speak up.

Grace, Graduate Production Engineer

Working for Shell in Assen, the Netherlands

I think that values such as integrity and honesty are really present. I really feel like one of the team. I never get the feeling that I am approached differently.

Cindy Dirkx, Pipeline Maintenance Engineer

Engineering careers at Shell: Perspectives from a female leader

Dr Selda really makes an impact on me. As a female, and a female leader in this company, she shows that females can play a significant technical role. So it has really inspired us as young potential female engineers to go into this industry and to develop ourselves and to make better progress in the future. It really is inspiring.

Zhang Kaizi, Nanyang Technological University

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