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Endless opportunities

My internship has shaped where the rest of my career will take me

Working for a company that values diversity

Find out about remarkable women working at Shell

We’d like to give you as much information as possible to ensure you put Shell on your list of potential employers.  

Learn about the experiences of graduates on the Graduate Programme, take a look at what events we may be attending in your area, discover how we could bring your ideas to life and check out what careers you could start with your degree at Shell.  

Degree Matcher

Use our Degree Matcher to discover which areas of Shell are best suited to your qualifications. Or find your ideal job and see what qualifications you’ll need to make it yours.

Meet our graduates

Recent graduates talk about what they have gained from their experiences at Shell, providing valuable insights into different parts of our organisation.

Meet our interns

We asked Shell interns, working in different roles around our organisation to talk about their expectations and experiences. This is what they had to say.

Shell Ideas360

Shell Ideas360 is a global competition that invites students to submit creative ideas for overcoming challenges related to energy, water and food.


Find out information about our upcoming events