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The activities of the Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds discipline are vital to Shell’s global competitiveness. Our maintenance professionals contribute to the company’s operational excellence through efficient maintenance of equipment and installations, not only in Upstream Production, but also in Downstream Manufacturing, both during the planned run and turnarounds periods at our sites.

Shell workers

Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds (MRTA) staff can be found working across the globe in day-to-day oil and gas production operations, both onshore and offshore, as well as running refineries and chemical installations. Our engineers provide unique expertise during the entire lifecycle of equipment and facilities to ensure optimum design selection that allows safe and reliable operation with minimum impact on the environment.

Working closely with operating teams and engineers from a wide range of disciplines our people also maintain the safety and environmental integrity of our operating assets. Reliability is vital to ensure stable, safe, energy efficient and low-cost operations, which minimise the impact on the environment. We aim to maximise the availability of our assets at optimal cost, with no harm to people or the environment, while safeguarding technical integrity.  

Meet the Global Discipline Heads for Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds

Brian Pritchard

Brian Pritchard is the Global Discipline Head for Upstream Production and is based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

“Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds is at the centre of Shell’s Upstream Production, with around 1,000 global professionals. Around the world, our people can be found working at one of our Operating Units, ensuring new projects are designed to run reliably and efficiently, or delivering our global continuous improvement program. They play a key role in the planning and execution of planned maintenance events (turnarounds) and contribute to commissioning and start-up activities of our new oil and gas developments.

We are looking for bright, experienced staff with a relevant background and a passion for Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds."

Rhoman Hardy

Rhoman Hardy is the Global Discipline Head for Downstream Manufacturing and is based in Houston, USA.

“Manufacturing is a collection of assets that produces a significant amount of revenue for the group that it can invest in other areas. The Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds team plays a key role in keeping facilities available to run and cost competitive. There are more than 1,000 people in our discipline spread across the Americas, Europe and Africa, and the East.

The colleagues in our discipline are vital for the safe and efficient operation of our facilities. Their work enables our sites to produce the products our customers need.  We’re an organisation that cares greatly about the contribution of its staff, and we want experienced engineers who can articulate and implement new ideas, have credibility and who work well with others.”