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Mary, Principal HSSE Lead

Picture of Mary

One of the most fulfilling moments in my engineering career took place following a discussion on  confined spaces and evacuation for a Shell offshore facility still in the design phase. 

The meeting was to walk through various hazardous scenarios with members of the operations team and evaluate recommendations for improvement.  At the end of the meeting, one of the operations leaders thanked me for the care and diligence we’d taken in relation to the evaluation. He described it as  “being the voice for those folks that aren’t here to speak” – meaning the future operators that would come to live and work on the platform, hundreds of miles from shore.  

The most difficult process safety challenges are often mixed with technical uncertainty, perception, and emotion.  As technical safety engineers, we are highly valued for our skills in developing creative solutions that will be embraced by both designers and operators. Our work has a lasting impact for many years to come.  

Safety is not only our number one priority, it is a fundamental reflection of our performance. Everyone plays a role in making certain that our colleagues get home to their families safely every day.  Through our work in hazard identification, assessment of  controls, and input into technical integrity of the facility , technical safety engineers have a high level of influence in achieving Shell’s goal of No Harm to People .

The work is exciting, and the challenges are plentiful.  More than ever, I’m proud to be that voice who speaks for the safety of our future operators, and I’m proud to work for Shell.

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