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Working for Shell Finance will give you a chance to flex your commercial muscles – our finance staff perform a critical role in supporting and delivering value across all our businesses. The types of roles we have to fill are diverse – for example, you may relish a role with our Sales & Marketing teams, where Finance has a considerable input on commercial deals, sales promotions and marketing programmes that deliver bottom line value. 

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We’ll offer you a wide range of growth and leadership opportunities.

Or perhaps you’d like to work as a finance partner based at one of our plants or refineries where profit and loss activities, cash flow, and driving value improvement activities to meet financial and operational targets are key. Or maybe you’d thrive in a role where stakeholder management is a key element of success – we have certain accountancy based roles where liaising with government departments is a big part of the job. 

Whatever role you choose, you’ll become part of a global network of colleagues all working for a dynamic international company. Shell Finance is an open and encouraging environment and we want our people to develop and grow. If that also means taking a step into a new direction we welcome that. We don’t want anyone’s career to lose momentum. At Shell Finance you can experience working in a different area of business without changing companies – our own CFO, Simon Henry, started his career at Shell as an engineer.  

At Shell Finance we don’t just offer you a job, we offer you a career. Contact us to find out how you could become part of the team.

Meet the manager

Indresh Kumar, VP Finance Upstream Development & Wells

Before joining Shell in 2007, Indresh worked in finance in the automotive industry. However, he found the idea of working for an energy company incredibly attractive. “Shell touches the lives of many people. Think about a world without energy – things we take for granted such as turning on a light switch or driving to work wouldn’t be possible. We would have no plastics, would not be able to travel or heat our homes. Energy is at the heart of our everyday life.

” Finance works closely with other businesses within Shell – at Shell the business managers are enthusiastic for their finance colleagues to work shoulder to shoulder with them. It’s a very inviting environment and I think that’s the uniqueness of Shell for a finance person. The depth and the breadth of opportunities in this one company are unparalleled. ”