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Roos van ditzhuijzen

"A career with Shell puts you at the forefront of innovation. You could find yourself being involved in some of the world’s most innovative and technologically driven projects in the world."

Roos van Ditzhuijzen, a Senior Reservoir Engineer, first joined Shell because of its scope. However, what she values most today is not the organisation’s size, but its culture of integration and inclusivity.

A new start

Roos van Ditzhuijzen joined Shell in late 2013 after spending over 12 years with Wintershall as a Reservoir Engineer. “I thought Shell was interesting because it was very large,” she says. “It had more opportunities, more available jobs and more locations than the company I was working for.”

For Roos, it was Shell’s variety and potential for growth that made it such a dynamic and exciting prospect. “There is a wide variety of fields and countries that you can work in. This is what first attracted me to Shell – as well as its large research department, which allows you to learn and gain experience in all the technical aspects of the business.”

She is currently working as part of a relatively small team in Rijswijk that is redeveloping a previously shut-in oil field. “It is part of a bigger cluster,” she explains. “Most of the fields are producing, but this one in particular has been shut-in for nearly two years.”

It is a project that demands a disciplined and creative approach, she explains. “The challenge is there because you have little to work with,” she says. “You are very limited with what the facilities can handle within the budget.”

A culture of collaboration

Being able to learn from a well-structured team in which all disciplines are represented is something Roos says has been a real help since moving to Shell. “There’s always someone to speak to if you get stuck,” she says. “I’ve found that people are very open and very willing to help.”

On her team especially, this culture of collaboration has been instrumental in her development. “In the project that I’m working on now there are some things I’ve never worked on before,” she admits. “But I am learning every day, just by talking to experts here in-house.”

Roos is quick to point out that it’s not simply her project that operates on the principal of collaboration and support, but the whole organisation.

I’ve found that people are enthusiastic, eager to help and really driven. It’s really motivating.

A bold future

Although she may still be a recent hire, Roos is thinking about her future with Shell and how she wants to develop her career. “Shell deals with projects all over the world. You can get experience in many different fields in all stages of development. I would like to gain that knowledge.”

Ultimately, Roos’ aim is to lead her own integrated team. What her future holds after that, however, is rife with opportunity.

I am learning every day, just by talking to experts here in-house.

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