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Oliver Muellenhoff - Remote Sensing Consultant

"Where Shell operates, my field of work is involved. I have the whole world as my oyster – you can hardly wish for anything better, or more challenging."

We asked recent hire Oliver Muellenhoff, a Remote Sensing Consultant located in Rijswijk, what his expectations of working at Shell were like before joining, and how his first few months have been.

Passion for travel

Like many geologists, travel is in Oliver’s blood. As a student he made sure to spend as much of his time travelling the world, which he continued even during his doctoral studies at Münster University in Germany. “Geology is a discipline that calls on you to study the solid earth all over the world,” he explains. “Its composition is infinitely varied, which constantly stimulates you as a geologist to investigate further.”

Remote Sensing

As a geologist at Shell, Oliver works on Remote Sensing: collecting data on the earth’s surface using satellites, aircrafts or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). “From 2005 to 2008, I was based at the European Commission’s research centre,” Oliver says. “There I worked on the satellite monitoring of oil pollution at sea. Then I joined a Dutch company specialising in marine environmental information. I spent three years working as a Remote Sensing Specialist for them in Milan.”

Together with his family, he lived just outside that north Italian city. “That way I could escape the hectic atmosphere at the end of the day,” he says. “I needed to, because we northern Europeans have a different temperament than southern Europeans. The pace of life is so hectic everywhere in Italy, also at work.” The peace and quiet of Milan’s outskirts provided a serene alternative at the end of the day, he says.

Despite the hustle and bustle, he is glad he had the experience of living and working in Italy. “Culture, nature and the Italian cuisine are a kind of trinity,” he says. “The last one in particular is something I miss here, but there are many other nice things here instead. Such as the beach and the sea.” Although Oliver still travels to his native Germany each weekend to visit his family, there are plans for them to move to the Netherlands in the near future.

Inspiring environment

With the end of his assignment in Italy in sight, and with more than three years in the country under his belt, Oliver was keen to move on to a new job. Already being familiar with the oil and gas industry, Shell was already on his radar. “What appealed to me about Shell is that they operate world-wide and are very active everywhere.

That can only make a job like mine more varied and interesting,” he says. “Where Shell operates, my field of work is involved. I have the whole world as my oyster – you can hardly wish for anything better, or more challenging.”

For Oliver, Shell’s variety and scope is one of the organisation’s key benefits. “It’s an organisation that has built up knowledge and experience in many different fields, making it a world-class player,” he explains. “You encounter this in many ways: just take all the different nationalities working here. I think it’s fantastic to be able to work in such an inspiring environment.”

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