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Helen Doherty - forever curious

Helen Doherty studied Geology at Keele University, completed an Assessed Internship with Shell and is now an Exploration Geoscientist for Upstream International New Ventures: Sub-Saharan Africa. So how did it all begin and what’s next for this explorer?

From Graduate Process Engineer to FLNG installations

Stories don’t get much more inspirational than Yee Yee Low’s, a Construction Project Engineer who joined Shell in 2006 as a Graduate Process Engineer and recently won the prestigious Professional Asian Women of Achievement Award 2014.

Challenging yourself: how to build a rewarding career

With a Shell career that spans 15 years and two continents, Roxana Davis, General Manager Integrated Gas Hydrocarbon Management, shares her advice for building a dynamic, international career and explains how her own career path has been characterised by a desire to build a growing portfolio of skills, and to keep the element of challenge ever present.

Could we be carbon neutral by 2100?

What will the future look like? Shell doesn’t have a crystal ball, but for 40 years the company has used scenario planning to inform its long-term strategy and to make sense of the world around us.

Embracing your authenticity

Peny recounts her career choices that brought her to Shell IT.

A journey through IT and beyond

From IT to Chemicals, to Trading and back to IT, Amy Suhl has led a diverse and varied career at Shell

Can one idea change the world?

Shell Ideas360 – a global competition for students to develop ideas for tackling energy, water and food issues – is now open. Discover how last year’s winners designed a way to harvest drinking water from moisture in the air.

Prelude: a world's worth of talent and technology

Shell are creating the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project - one of most ambitious engineering projects in the world.

From podium to pump

Shell’s innovative work in developing fuels and lubricants for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula OneTM is bringing about pioneering products, not just to the sport but for use by the ordinary motorist too.

Innovation on the move

Shell’s bespoke trackside lab travels to each race with the Ferrari Formula One team to deliver innovation on the move.

Ready, steady, go!

Shell has enjoyed a winning Technical Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari for more than 60 years. With new Formula OneTM technical regulations in 2014, we find out how the teams stay one lap ahead in the race for fuel and energy efficiency.

Pearl GTL: one project, one team

In 2008, Shell announced it would partner with Qatar Petroleum and build Pearl GTL in order to produce cleaner-burning diesel and kerosene, base oils for top-tier lubricants, a chemical feedstock called naphtha (used to make plastics) and normal paraffin, which is used to produce detergents.

Thanks a million!

We’ve reached an amazing 1 million followers on LinkedIn and that makes us one of only ten companies, and the only energy company, to reach this massive milestone.

A world of opportunity

Despite establishing a career in finance, in 2007 Indresh Kumar found himself in need of a new challenge. And he knew exactly where he could get it…

Why Vice President Neil Gilmour remains a Geologist at heart

As Vice President of Development in the Global Integrated Gas Business, Neil Gilmour has a hand in some of Shell’s largest projects. It’s the scale and impact these projects have across the industry that makes them so substantial, but Neil’s passion for geology and the energy industry has far more humble beginnings.

Make the most of your potential

Imagine kick-starting your career by contributing to the construction of the largest Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility. Or by developing new drilling techniques to go deeper into the seabed than ever before. The Shell Graduate Programme offers you the real deal from day one.

Shaping the future of wells today

Crafting a single well is a complex engineering achievement. Developing a project with thousands of wells would be impossible for our engineers without the smartest, most effective technologies and the collaboration needed to develop these technologies.

Women in Shell: Roos van Ditzhuijzen, Sr Reservoir Engineer

Roos van Ditzhuijzen, a Senior Reservoir Engineer, first joined Shell because of its scope. However, what she values most today is not the organisation’s size, but its culture of integration and inclusivity.

Arian Nijmeijer - membrane technology enthusiast

Arian Nijmeijer, Senior Engineer for Process Development, and Membrane Technology team leader, shares why he is passionate about membrane technology and why he finds it such an exciting and dynamic area to be involved in.

Ivana Vukovic – recent chemical engineering graduate

Moving from Belgrade to the Netherlands for her PhD studies, Ivana Vukovic, a Research Chemist, explains why she aimed for Shell when her doctorate was nearing completion.

Ferro Schat - interpreter and intermediary

Find out how Ferro's time spent working abroad and in interim facility management roles helped prepare him for working in Shell's international environment.

Henk Vasmel - connecting internal and external knowledge

Henk Vasmel believes that technology has never been as important for Shell as it is now. He explains how Shell is using new technological solutions that are both safe and cost effective to find difficult-to-reach hydrocarbons.

Javier Santiago Perez – looking for future energy solutions

We asked recent hire Javier Santiago Perez, an Energy and CO2 Efficiency Consultant, how his expectations were matching up to the reality of life at Shell.

Meet Jiaqi Chen, Researcher in Gas Conversion

We asked recent hire Jiaqi Chen, a Researcher in Gas Conversion in Projects and Technology at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), what his expectations of working at Shell were like before joining, and how his first few months have been.

Meet the expert: László Domokos, Senior researcher and team leader in Projects and Technology Catalysts and Manufacturing Solutions

A question that preoccupies László is: ‘how do you do good research?’ It’s a very important question because, in his view, efficiency rounds can start to compromise research. For László, research is comparable to composing music, in that it “is not about the performance but about the composition itself.”

Meet Loek Vreekegoor, General Manager for the Pipelines, Flow Assurance (PFAS) and Subsea team

Loek and his PFAS team help ensure that Shell’s pipelines don’t get clogged and affect production. His ideas might not always be strictly mainstream, but he’s convinced that thinking out of the box yields the best innovations.

Meet Oliver Muellenhoff, Remote Sensing Consultant

We asked recent hire Oliver Muellenhoff, a Remote Sensing Consultant located in Rijswijk, what his expectations of working at Shell were like before joining, and how his first few months have been.

Meet the expert: Roderik Colen, Strategy and Portfolio Manager for Projects and Technology

When introducing new ideas in any major organisation, timing is of the utmost importance, something Roderik Colen, Strategy and Portfolio Manager for Projects and Technology, is all too aware of. His work at Shell is devoted to developing a unified approach to large projects and technology. “The art is in choosing the right moment to start a discussion of this type,” he says.

Project Better World - Putting your science skills into action in the wilderness

Imagine yourself working surrounded by nature, far away from your desk, research lab or production facility. Perhaps somewhere deep in the Borneo rainforest or braving minus 45 degrees Celsius with a stunning view on white-tipped mountains in Canada.

Our IT specialists are of great value to Shell

IT helps to shape the future of energy at Shell. Our IT specialists are closely involved in our decision-making, whether in relation to finding new oil and gas reserves, or streamlining shipping, trading or retailing processes. They’re behind the scenes inventing solutions and helping us take on some of the biggest technical challenges.

Seeking work-life balance

Joyce Loh is an HR manager with Shell in Singapore and works part time. She explains how the arrangement benefits her family and the business.

Meet our world-class engineers

World-class projects need world-class people. As an engineer with Shell you will have opportunities to work on a range of complex projects, building technologies and facilities around the globe, from the Arctic to sub-Saharan Africa and deep beneath the ocean floor – with the aim of ensuring a secure energy future. Our engineers can tell you more about their engineering journey at Shell.

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