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Shell woos technical women

In a competitive environment, how can Shell attract the top female technical talent it needs to help achieve its strategy? One way is to open our doors to allow those outside of Shell to experience innovation and technology firsthand.

This is exactly what the “Shell Nuggets of Technology” Recruitment Roundtable achieved.

Organised in collaboration with Shell Careers International, it started in April with a webinar entitled "One Day in Shell" featuring Gerald Schotman, EVP Innovation and Research & Development in P&T and Shell Chief Technology Officer; Marjan van Loon, VP Liquefied Natural Gas and Gas Processing; Bettina Bachmann, Vice President Subsurface Software; Marietta Vroon, General Manager Specialist Reservoir Modelling & President of the Shell Women’s Network Netherlands; Babette Lammerts, Global HR Manager P&T Innovation Research & Development; and Liesl Schindler, Process Research and Development Manager.

“One Day in Shell” showcased the gamechanging chemistry project on Diphenyl Carbonate and attracted more than 280 participants. Participants were able to interact online with the Shell leaders, see some of the innovative work going on, search for jobs and submit CVs.

The next event was aimed even higher.

“Shell Nuggets of Technology” Recruitment Roundtable in Rijswijk gave women the opportunity to learn – in person – more about our work in R&D and hear from some of the Shell women who contributed to this success. It was a highly selective process where interested participants first had to apply with CVs, and then had initial interviews to attend. Fifty women joined in the event and 35 joined virtually.

At Projects & Technology headquarters in Rijswijk, they were again hosted by Gerald Schotman; given presentations by Wim Walk, Manager Novel Geophysical Measurements on novel seismic imaging; held discussions on LNG with Marjan van Loon; and were treated to an exclusive tour in our labs and 3D rooms. Katie Humphry, a Reservoir Engineer in IRD, then presented on her career in research followed by Leticia Espinosa, a Researcher in the field of Biodomain, who spoke about the life of a PhD graduate.

“I have not spoken to a group like this in 28 years, so it’s a privilege,” said Gerald in his opening address. “I feel very exclusive being here,” said one participant. “All this effort to bring women together makes Shell stand out in comparison to other companies,” said another.

A short survey conducted after the event showed that 76% of participants had a better image of Shell after the event and 80% would say “yes” to a job at Shell.

Do you know any world-class technical women who would like to work at Shell? Share the recordings of the events and get them involved!