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Innovation on the move

Ready, steady, go!

Read about our activities, events and the innovative approach we take into everything we do.

One project, one team

In 2008, Shell announced it would partner with Qatar Petroleum and build Pearl GTL in order to produce cleaner-burning diesel and kerosene, base oils for top-tier lubricants, a chemical feedstock called naphtha (used to make plastics) and normal paraffin, which is used to produce detergents.


Follow the international journey of Indresh Kumar, as he travels to different locations for a variety of roles with Shell. From General Manager, Finance based in Singapore to Vice President Finance within the Upstream business based in The Hague, the Netherlands, Indresh’s career has been packed with global opportunities. In his words “Shell just doesn’t offer you a job, it offers you a career."


As Vice President of Development in the Global Integrated Gas Business, Neil Gilmour has a hand in some of Shell’s largest projects. It’s the scale and impact these projects have across the industry that makes them so substantial, but Neil’s passion for geology and the energy industry has far more humble beginnings.

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Seeking work life balance

Joyce Loh is an HR manager with Shell in Singapore and works part time. She explains how the arrangement benefits her family and the business.

Shaping the future of wells today

Crafting a single well is a complex engineering achievement. Developing a project with thousands of wells would be impossible for our engineers without the smartest, most effective technologies and the collaboration needed to develop these technologies.