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Embark on a career in a Shell Business Service Centre

Shell Business Service Centre jobs are integral to our success because they help ensure our high quality standards are upheld across the globe. Located in six countries around the world, SBSCs are centralised hubs from which core Shell business activities such as Finance, HR, IT, Contract and Procurement and Customer Services are carried out.

In an SBSC career you will be part of a diverse team working to uphold Shell’s standards and oversee the organisation’s day-to-day operations. Whether scheduling safe delivery of our oil products to local markets, designing or operating key financial processes or dealing with enquiries from the general public, you will be part of a vibrant and valued team that take pride in delivering business solutions to our global markets. In each SBSC there is a culture of personal and professional development for all, while for experienced professionals there is the opportunity to lead teams and to make a lasting difference.

Shell Business Service Centre jobs in your location

We operate Shell Business Service Centre jobs in six countries across the world. Find out if there are opportunities in your location.


Please note that we have updated our job application system on March 24, 2014. For those of you who created a profile or applied before the update, you can no longer access this profile. We encourage you to create a new profile here:

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Search a number of highly diverse opportunities in our Business Service Centres located in Cape Town, Chennai, Glasgow, Krakow, Kuala Lumpur and Manila.

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