The Shell Scenarios team

Jeremy Bentham

Shell Vice President Global Business Environment

Jeremy has been responsible for Shell’s Global Business Environment team since 2006. His team is best known for developing forward-looking scenarios to support the company’s strategic thinking and direction-setting.

He joined Shell in 1980 following post-graduate experience at the California Institute of Technology. He had read Physics at Oxford University, UK, and holds a Master’s degree in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

His previous roles at Shell involved research and technology, manufacturing economics, industry analysis and commercial information technology. He has also coordinated commercial and production activities at a number of refineries.

Cho-Oon Khong

Chief Political Analyst, Shell Strategy and Scenarios Team

Cho advises on political trends and political risk, and leads the external environment assessments for Shell’s country reviews.

He joined the Shell scenarios team in 1994, has led a wide range of country scenario projects over the years, and was actively involved in developing the 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2005 sets of Shell Global Scenarios and the 2008 Energy Scenarios.

Cho has also worked on a range of scenario projects with international organisations, governments, universities, research institutions and business companies in Asia, Europe, the US and Africa. He is a member of the advisory panel, Evian Group, IMD, Lausanne, and of the UK government’s Asia Task Force.

James Schofield

Projects Manager, Shell Strategy and Scenarios Team

James joined the team in July 2013 and is responsible for leading a range of projects including scenario planning with governments and the production of scenario publications.

James brings a particular focus on non-technical risk issues and has initiated research into trust-building in complex social environments and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration in fragile states.

A former BBC business journalist and UN advisor, James joined Shell in 2006 as speech writer and external affairs advisor.

Wim Thomas

Wim is Shell’s Chief Energy Advisor and also leads the Energy Analysis Team in Shell’s Global Scenario Group. His team is responsible for worldwide energy analysis and global energy scenarios. He advises Shell companies on a wide range of energy issues, including global supply and demand, regulations, energy policy, pricing and industry structure.

He has been with Shell for over 30 years. He previously held positions in drilling operations, subsurface reservoir management, and commercial and regulatory affairs in gas.

Wim is Chairman of World Petroleum Council UK National Committee, a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Energy Economics Japan, and a former chairman of the British Institute of Energy Economics in 2005. He holds a postgraduate degree in Maritime Technology, Delft University, the Netherlands.

Peer reviewed journals

Ecofys and Shell have been collaborating for five years to establish realistic estimates of the world’s renewable fuel and electricity resource at country level. The results of this work, originally created to support Shell’s future energy scenarios, have been published in the peer reviewed journals "Biomass and Bioenergy" and “Global Environmental Change”.

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