The competition rules

The Shell Eco-marathon rules have been carefully created by the Shell Eco-marathon Global Technical Team to enable safe, technically sound and fair competition in all events.

The Shell Eco-marathon 2017 Global Rules, Chapter 1 are applicable to the competition in all three main events: Asia, Americas and Europe. The rules have been updated to increase the technical challenges and the opportunities to discover and further explore new technologies, as well as to increase the safety standards of the competition.

Download: Shell Eco-marathon 2017 Global Rules, Chapter 1

See the regional For participants sections to download the regional set of rules.

Around the world: 2017 calendar

In 2017, the main Shell Eco-marathon events take place in three places around the world:

  • Shell Eco-marathon Asia: March 16-19 in Singapore, SG.
  • Shell Eco-marathon Americas: April 27-29 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
  • Shell Eco-marathon Europe: May 25-28, London, United Kingdom.

The Shell Eco-marathon annual calendar is completed by a series of challenger events that give teams the opportunity to practice and fine-tune their vehicles ahead of the main competition.

Find out more about the Challenger events.

Where should you compete?

Shell Eco-marathon is open to full-time high school and university students. The eligibility details are available on the Chapter 1 Rules. But see below an indication of where you should join the competition:


Shell Eco-marathon Asia has received teams from several countries, including: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Please contact the Shell Eco-marathon Asia team if you have any queries.


Students from North, Central and Latin America should apply to the Americas edition. Shell Eco-marathon Americas has welcomed teams from the Canada, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States.

Please contact the Shell Eco-marathon Americas team if you have further questions.


Participants from across Europe and some guest countries can participate in the European event. The list of countries competing in Europe include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Contact the Shell Eco-marathon Europe team if you want to know more about eligibility.

Prizes and awards

In Shell Eco-marathon teams can win for their both on and off-track. The competition values the hard work that the teams put into their vehicle and encourages them to think of their team as a holistic project, from the scrap book to the track.

On-track Awards

The winners are the teams that go the furthest, on the least amount of energy. All on-track prizes and trophies below are awarded in the Internal Combustion Engine, Hydrogen and Battery Electric energy types, in both vehicle categories: Prototype and UrbanConcept. See below the list of Shell Eco-marathon On-Track Awards.

  • ICE (Gasoline, Diesel, Alternative fuel, CNG)
  • Battery-electric
  • Hydrogen fuel cell

For details of awards, please refer to the Shell Eco-marathon Global Rules, Chapter 1.

Off-track Awards

The winners are the teams that demonstrate strong knowledge and effort in four different categories. Teams may choose to apply for a maximum of two Off-track Awards, or for three if one application is for the Safety Award. See the list of Off-track Awards below:

  • Communications Award
  • Vehicle Design Award (Prototype and UrbanConcept)
  • Technical Innovation Award
  • Safety Award
  • Perseverance & Spirit of the event Award (teams cannot apply to this award)

For details and information on how to apply, please refer to the Shell Eco-marathon Global Rules, Chapter 1.

More In Shell Eco-Marathon

Team registration

Register here beginning in Aug 23 2016, to be a participant or if your team wants to join Shell Eco-marathon Asia, Americas or Europe.