About Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2017

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2017 will take place in London, UK from May 25 to 28, 2017, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The competition will welcome over 170 teams from across the continent, plus 6 teams from the USA, the Philippines and Indonesia for the 2017 Drivers’ World Championship. 

The rules

Shell Eco-marathon Europe runs under two sets of rules: Global Rules, Chapter I and the Europe Rules, Chapter II:

  • The Shell Eco-marathon 2017 Global Rules - Chapter I contain all technical rules and specifications for you to build your vehicle. It also has important and detailed information about the On-Track and Off-Track Awards.Remember to read the rules carefully before applying to the competition.
  • The Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2017 Rules, Chapter II includes specific information about the event in London.

Download: Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2017 Rules, Chapter 2

About the track in London

The track in London will be located around the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in East London. The new urban track, located in one of the largest cities in the world will present even more challenges to the participating Teams.

Make sure your vehicle is designed for this type of track, adapting the steering system, brake efficiency and stability. It’s also important that the Driver is well-prepared and trained to drive your vehicle.

Teams must complete 10 laps in 39 minutes or less in order to complete a valid run.

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Important Information

Planning on joining Shell Eco-marathon Europe? See the important information you need to prepare for the competition.