Inside overcoming technology challenges

Innovation through R&D

Our scientists, researchers and engineers are developing innovative technologies to help meet the world’s growing need for energy more sustainably.

Finding oil and gas

We use advanced technologies to uncover increasingly hard-to-find energy resources trapped in porous rocks beneath the land and seas.

Unlocking oil and gas

We are developing ways to unlock new energy resources safely and efficiently, often in more challenging environments.

Satellite in the rays of light

Smooth operators in space

How supercomputers help to overcome the technical challenge of keeping satellites working smoothly hundreds of kilometres above earth.

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Shell Technology Ventures: Driving disruptive innovation, arriving at energy solutions

Fuelling creative thinking, driving change

Discover how Shell Technology Ventures invests in companies to co-develop novel technologies complementing our business.

Shell Technology Ventures
Harry Brekelmans- Projects & Technology Director, Royal Dutch Shell plc

Making big projects more cost-efficient

Harry Brekelmans, Shell Projects and Technology Director, discusses value creation, partnership and affordable technology in a challenging business environment.

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