In Kenya we are working with GravityLight, a company dedicated to bringing the benefits of clean, affordable energy to off grid communities. Using only a weight and a pulley, the product generates a limitless supply of light for homes.

Gravity Light and Shell have combined forces to launch and sell GravityLights to people across Kenya. Together we will be showcasing the light to communities across Kenya on a 50 Night Tour. People will be able to experience first-hand the advantages of Gravity Light versus kerosene lamps. 

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Turning off kerosene

As well as being dangerous and polluting, kerosene lamps perpetuate a cycle of poverty in poorer communities through high fuel prices, and expose them to poisonous fumes everyday. 

GravityLight is a device that’ll pay for itself within weeks. It can improve a family’s quality of life, and allow children more time to study in the evening. GravityLight uses local manufacturers and distributors, supporting progress in local communities. 

There’s no telling what could happen when a fifth of the world, who have no access to electricity today, are safely illuminated; could this be the next source of more bright ideas?


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