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Our STV team works closely with entrepreneurs, industry partners and the venture capital firms that invest in them. Meet the STV team and see where our people are based, what our different focus areas are and how you can get in touch with us.

Continuing Shell’s tradition as the first corporate venture fund in the oil and gas industry founded in 1998, we act as an investor and a partner in the commercialisation of innovation. Companies are able to benefit from technical and scientific expertise across our portfolio. At the same time, we regularly offer testing as well as pilots to entrepreneurs we invest in.

STV’s investment focus is a mix of traditional oil and gas, clean and green tech, funds-of-funds, and supporting companies to spin out. We look at all companies in all stages of maturity, from seed to growth. 

We can offer

  • A global customer base
  • Access to Shell’s technical resources
  • Access to a supplier and contractor network
  • R&D facilities
  • Field trial opportunities
  • Launching customer

Read an interview with Geert van de Wouw, Managing Director of Shell Technology Ventures, on his tips for turning bright energy ideas into commercial innovations: Hunting for the next big energy idea.

Case studies

Oil & Gas

Veros Systems

Veros Systems (USA) is self-learning monitoring technology that continuously monitors subtle fluctuations in the power input of electric motors that drive equipment such as pumps, turbines and compressors. It then interprets these fluctuations to predict mechanical issues months in advance and flags other potential problems in the equipment, allowing operators to more effectively plan maintenance.

Airbourne Oil and Gas

Airbourne Oil and Gas (the Netherlands) is the manufacturer of the world's most advanced thermoplastic (flexible) composite pipe systems for maritime applications. The fully-bonded homogeneous polyolefins and glass-fibre composite pipe can be used for offshore flow-lines, down-lines (e.g. acid stimulations) and hoses. The flexible, fatigue resistant, strong, spoolable and non-corrosive design results in lower operating costs.


Magseis (Norway) is an innovative start-up and the maker of revolutionary, low-cost, ocean-floor seismic technology. Magseis has developed an ocean bottom seismic “nodes on a string” system, which combines the advantages of autonomous nodes with the deployment speed of cables and allows for in-sea automated handling and data downloading.


WellDog (USA) has developed a sensor for sweet-spotting in coalbed methane shales, identifying where to land laterals and help reduce fracking. Welldog's sweet-spot sensor uses lasers and sophisticated detectors to provide a direct measurement of where the hydrocarbon sits to optimise drilling and production.


GlassPoint Solar Inc

GlassPoint Solar (USA) harnesses and concentrates sunlight to produce steam for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The gas that would otherwise be used for EOR can now be used for local power generation, LNG export or the manufacture of petrochemicals. Shell invested in a GlassPoint pilot plant that has been operating successfully for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) since late 2012. In 2015 GlassPoint and PDO announced they would build a 1,021 megawatt solar power plant, one of the largest in the world.

2B Energy

2B Energy (the Netherlands) is developing a 6 megawatt two-blade wind turbine, designed to reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) by 20-30% in offshore operation. The 2BE concept uses known components, has less weight and centralised power conditioning. STV is funding construction of the first onshore demonstrator at Eemshaven, the Netherlands.

Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy (USA) developed Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHITM) technology, providing high-performance, non-toxic and cost-effective energy storage to balance (renewable) energy production with electricity demand on an industrial and stationary scale. Unlike traditional battery chemistries that are repurposed for demanding solar applications, AHITM batteries are specifically designed for multi-hour solar applications.


Surge Ventures

SURGE Ventures (USA) validates companies innovating and exploiting the shfits in technology, policy and expertise in the energy industry. SURGE provides entrepreneurs with access to experts, large customers in the energy industry, the global energy ecosystem and a variety of capital sources. Currently, it takes an energy technology over 14 years to go from idea to market acceptance. SURGE believes it can shorten that process by more than 50%.

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