Established in 1998 as the first corporate venture fund in the oil and gas industry, we act as an investor and a partner in the commercialisation of innovation. 

STV’s investment focus is a mix of traditional oil and gas, clean and green technologies, funds-of-funds and supporting companies to spin out. We consider companies in all stages of maturity, from seed to growth. 

As well as funding, we can offer companies technical and scientific expertise, R&D facilities and field trial pilots to further develop and demonstrate their concepts. We also provide unique access to a global customer base and to an extensive supplier and contractor network. 

A selection of our portfolio


Sense (USA) provides a home energy and awareness platform that interprets the power usage and activity of every device in the home. With their patented machine learning technology that measures power one million times per second, homeowners get real-time data and insights.

Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy (USA) focuses on long duration, low cost battery development to provide high-performance, non-toxic and cost-effective energy storage.

GlassPoint Solar Inc

GlassPoint Solar (USA) harnesses and concentrates sunlight to produce steam for enhanced oil recovery.

The team

Our STV team works closely with entrepreneurs, industry partners and the venture capital firms that invest in them. Meet the STV team and see where our people are based, what our different focus areas are and how you can get in touch with us.

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Kite power: no longer a flight of fancy?

As Shell co-invests in a company generating electricity from high-altitude wind, is kite power about to take off?

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More in energy and innovation

Shell GameChanger

Shell’s GameChanger programme works with start-ups and businesses on unproven early-stage ideas with the potential to impact the future of energy.

Shell TechWorks

We collaborate with technology entrepreneurs and start-ups outside the industry to help solve some of the greatest challenges in energy.



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