We connect with small business research programmes to identify the brightest and best start-ups and technologies across the globe, and invite them to take part in the Shell Small Business Innovation Initiative. The programmes we target include the Small Business Research Initiative in the UK, Small Business Innovation Research in the USA, and Horizon 2020 in the EU.

Taking this approach allows us to meet innovators who are already proving the scientific, technical and commercial feasibility of their projects, and/or producing a well-defined prototype that can help us address challenges in the energy industry.

If you are, or have taken part, in a government-sponsored small business research programme and want to contact Shell directly, please share your idea with us.

Benefits of a strong partner

Shell offers its small business partners a wide breadth of technical resources, opportunities to test technologies on a large scale, and guidance on the commercial delivery of new energy technologies.

We may also become a business customer, helping to introduce new products and services into our industry and beyond.

What we are looking for

We seek novel technologies in the following areas, for which proof of concept has been successful:

  • Sensors and sensing systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Imaging
  • Subsea engineering
  • Data compression, transmission and storage
  • Rock and fluid characterisation, modelling and simulation
  • Coatings and new materials
  • Next-generation chemicals, fuels and lubricants

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