Dorine is Business Opportunity Manager in Shell’s growing New Energy Technologies division. She heads up development and scales up projects in offshore wind, looking for new ways to make these economically viable. This is her story.

I am a Business Opportunity Manager in Shell’s growing New Energy Technologies division. I head up wind development, and we’re largely focused on offshore wind, because it offers a great degree of scope for scaling up projects.

Though wind technology has been around for a long time, we are still breaking new ground in terms of trying to make it economically and financially viable. I look closely at the commercial and economic model for wind, and try to comprehend the best course of action. I’m trying to understand the best way to operate, design and deploy this technology, while also ensuring that it’s commercially attractive. It’s quite a complex process, and there are so many variables to take into account, but it’s something I’m very proud to be part of.

At university I studied petroleum engineering and geophysics, and I was the only woman in a class of around 80 students. The landscape has definitely shifted during my time in the industry. There’s far more gender equality now, and that’s largely because companies like Shell prioritise diversity and inclusion. The industry’s objectives have also altered; where once fossil fuels dominated energy production, renewables are now beginning to take precedence.

My work ultimately leads to product innovation, because I’m looking at what will be feasible in the long-term. Shell is committed to investing in technologies that are efficient and environmentally beneficial, and I’m tasked with providing the evidence and research that tells Shell where it should be concentrating its efforts.

Looking forward, I think we will start to put more emphasis on utilising Big Data, modelling, and other methods that will enhance our ability to make robust and accurate predictions. We want to eliminate speculation wherever possible so we can be more confident in our findings. To innovate the big projects, we first have to innovate from the ground up.

The five elements key to successful product innovation for me are:

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