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Client for Contractors (C4C) enables 3rd party access to selected Shell resources (i.e. applications, file shares, network printers) via a secure web portal directly from their own or company-provided PC, working inside or away from Shell offices.  On this website, you find more information about C4C, how you can start using C4C and what it offers.

New Image for C4c homepage

New C4C gateways have been introduced to provide greater functionality including supporting Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer v11. Current gateways will soon be retired, as they are no longer supported as part of Shell’s IT services.

Start using the new Gateways from the drop down, which are pre-fixed with the word “_New”. Note that the old gateways will continue to be available until August 8, 2015, but we ask that these are only used in case you have issues using the new Gateways. 

If you experience any errors please take screen-shots and send error details to M.Mazure@shell.com. You may then use one of the old gateways while we resolve the issue. 

The new gateways for Sakhalin will be available later in the year. If you use the Sakhalin gateways previously please continue to use gateways named Yuzhno1 and Yuzhno2.