DME is an isomer of ethylalcohol and has a low boiling point. It is colourless, virtually odourless, has a low surface tension and a low viscosity.

Owing to its high solubility coefficient, the propellant DME acts also as a solvent in aerosol formulations. This property makes DME a very valuable component in aerosol formulations which contain substances that are difficult to dissolve.

Physical properties Dimethylether (DME)

Chemical formula Temperature : CH3 - O - CH3 Measurement
Mol. Mass : 46.07 g/mol
Boiling point : -24.9 °C
Vapour Pressure 20° C : 5.1 bar (abs)
50° C : 11.5 bar (abs)
Density liquid 20° C : 668.3 kg/m³
50° C : 615 kg/m³
Relative vapour density 20° C : 1.59 (air = 1)
DME in water 20° C/1 bar : 5.7 % (m/m)
20° C/4.8 bar : 36 % (m/m)
Water in DME 20° C/4.8 bar : 5.5 % (m/m)
Net calorific value, liquid : 28.43 kJ/kg
Ignition Point DIN 51794 : 235 °C
Kauri Butanol Number : 91
Solubility coefficient : 7.3
Surface tension (liquid) 20° C : 0.0125 N/m
Viscosity gaseous 20° C : 0.0091 mPas
Viscosity liquid 20° C : 0.11 mPas

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Shell Dimethylether (DME)

Shell offers high purity Dimethylether (DME) for all cosmetical and technical uses. From our German production in the Rhineland Refinery Wesseling we deliver to your production facilities all over Europe.

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