Wear Protection

Protecting axles and gears from wear can help to reduce maintenance costs, extend onboard equipment life and maximise your return on investment.

The Shell Spirax range of axle and gear oils and automatic transmission fluids offer proven protection, including the latest synthetic oils that deliver exceptional wear, pitting, bearing-failure and corrosion protection for heavy-duty axles, transmissions and gears operating under highly stressed conditions. This can help to reduce your costs.

Oil Life

The Shell Spirax range contains oils that are designed to offer you value through exceptional oil life and protection that enable oil-drain intervals and component life to be extended.

System Efficiency

Shell Spirax oils are designed to keep your transmission components protected so that they go on working efficiently. 

Products for transmissions


Product Description Viscosity, mm2/s
kg/m3 at
- - 40°C | 100° - - - -
Shell Spirax S4 TXM Premium, SAE 10W-30, Multi-functional Transmission and Hydraulic Oil 60 | 9.4 - 220 -42 882
Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX Advanced Synthetic Technology Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid 33.2 | 7.2 - 152 -48 847
Shell Spirax S3 AX 80W-90 High-performance GL-5 axle oil for general applications 169 | 16.8 - 220 -30 900

Optimise Your Operations with Technical Services

  • Lubricant advice can help you to select the right lubricant grade to deal with the specific level of oil stress in your engine.
  • Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps your vessels to run smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

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