Wear Protection

Equipment wear can reduce system efficiency and service life. Protecting components from wear is fundamental for getting the most out of your investments through prolonging asset life and preventing production losses through breakdowns.

The Shell Gadus range of greases offers protection across a wide range of applications. The range includes Shell’s latest extreme temperature “T” polyurea synthetic greases, which can help to protect bearings under extreme temperatures, heavy loads and contaminated conditions.

Grease Life

The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last and the less lubrication maintenance your equipment needs. 

Shell Gadus greases are designed to help your equipment continue to operate without interruption. The comprehensive product range enables you to select a grease with a life that meets your operational needs.

Customers using Shell Gadus extra-long-life synthetic technologies are doubling grease life for some applications. Others prefer to take advantage of cost-effective, reliable, multipurpose Shell Gadus greases for standard life applications.

System Efficiency

To help your equipment perform to its design standards, you need a grease that stays in place and provides effective protection and lubrication where you need it. Shell Gadus greases can help to maintain or even improve the efficiency of your systems.

From greases that offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialist low-noise, high-temperature and heavy-load greases, there is a Shell Gadus product that can help to optimise your system’s efficiency and costs of operation.

Shell Gadus

The Shell Gadus ranges include multipurpose greases that can help to simplify your product inventory, as well as speciality greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic products designed for the most severe extreme-temperature and long-life applications, and a range of open-gear lubricants.

Product Specifications

Product Description Viscosity,
mm2/s AT
Dropping Point, °C
- - 40°C | 100°C - -
Shell Gadus S2 A320 2 Highly water resistant, extreme pressure tacky grease for wire rope, open gear and other open deck grease applications 320 |16.5 2 85
Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 General purpose grease for rolling element electric motor bearings and plain bearings. 100 | 11 3 180
Shell Gadus S2 V220 0 High performance, multipurpose extreme pressure grease 220 | 19 0 -
Shell Gadus S2 V220 1 High performance, multipurpose extreme pressure grease 220 | 19 1 180
Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 High performance, multipurpose extreme pressure grease 220 | 19 2 180
Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2 High performance, multipurpose extreme pressure grease 220 | 18 2 175
Shell Gadus S2 V220AD 2 High performance heavy duty grease containing solid lubricants 220 | 19 2 260
Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 Ultimate performance extreme pressure di-urea grease 220 | 19 2 260
Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 High performance, Lithium complex high temperature, extreme pressure multi-purpose grease 220 | 19 2 260
Shell Gadus S3 High Speed Coupling Grease Lithium Complex based Premium Gear Coupling grease 700 | 34 1 >150
Shell Gadus S5 V100 2 Advanced Lithium Complex synthetic based Premium Extreme Pressure grease for wide Temperature ranges    100 | 14 2 260
Shell Gadus S2 OG 40 High-performance open gear grease 660 | 40 - -
Shell Gadus S2 OG 50 High-performance open gear grease 870 | 50 - -

Optimise Your Operations with Technical Services

  • Lubricant advice can help you to select the right lubricant grade to deal with the specific level of oil stress in your engine.
  • Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps your vessels to run smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

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