The Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Plus test kit provides your ship’s engineers with a convenient, immediate, on-the-spot method of testing the condition of the lubricants on your vessel.

It helps to supplement the laboratory-based oil analysis service provided by Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA ). The Shell RLA service should be used to obtain regular, accurate, long-term condition monitoring information about both oil and equipment.

The Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Plus test kit can rapidly test five important parameters of lubricating oil performance:

  • water in oil
  • insoluble material
  • total base number (TBN) or reserve alkalinity of engine oil viscosity
  • salt-water contamination.

With the test kit, oil can be tested and monitored at any time. Although the results are not as accurate as those obtained from a laboratory, they help to confirm if the oils in use are in good condition, which helps to maintain your equipment’s protection.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • On-board real-time testing to remove the delay of sending samples to the laboratory
  • Testing of engine, gear and hydraulic oils
  • Test cell battery life of at least five years for long-term availability
  • Basic insolubles test for instant indication of excessive soot loading or fuel contamination of engine oils
  • The basic kit contains enough materials for 50 tests
  • All equipment supplied in a rugged portable case
  • An easy-to-read user manual is included
  • No special training is necessary


  • Immediate reliable results available any time, anywhere to fit with your operational schedules
  • Confirmation that your oils are in good condition and your equipment is well protected
  • Rapid test results enable you to take any necessary remedial action immediately
  • A reliable source of data to help you identify maintenance issues and avoid equipment damage
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increase operational profitability and reduced costs

Five parameters

Five oil characteristics can be monitored:

  • Viscosity Pass/Fail
  • TBN (0–50 mg/KOH/g) Quantitative
  • Water Quantitative
  • Insolubles Quantitative
  • Salt content Pass/Fail

Ordering the kit

The Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Plus test kit can be ordered through your normal international customer service centre contact or your Shell representative. Pease note that urgent deliveries may lead to additional local charges.

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