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Shell LubeMonitor

A condition monitoring programme for two-stroke engines that includes access to Shell tools and advice to help you strike an acceptable balance between cylinder oil costs and wear-related cylinder maintenance expenses.

Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA)

A flexible used-oil laboratory analysis service designed to save you time and money on maintenance resulting from equipment failure. This early-warning system aims to give you peace of mind that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

Shell LubeAdvisor

This on-site support from a global team of field-based engineers includes lubrication surveys, vessel assessments and in-depth technical and applications support when required. Back-up support is provided by telephone fax or email.

At Shell Marine, we serve customers around the globe. We have teams of experts and laboratory in different locations throughout the world to help you with operational issues, engine maintenance and optimising your day-to-day operations.

The Marine Power and Innovation Centre (MPIC) is part of Shell’s research arm. MPIC is in Hamburg, Germany, and employs more than 8,000 technical experts, including a dedicated team of experienced scientist and engineers for marine applications.

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Rob Harrison

Meet Rob Harrison, Shell Marine Technical Support Engineer. Rob has more than 28 years of experience of working for Shell as an engineer helping to develop gear and compressor oils, hydraulic fluids and greases.

John Schakel

Meet our Global Product Application Specialist, John Schakel. John’s day-to-day tasks cover a wide variety of technical and developmental support activities ranging from new products for four-stroke, medium-speed engines to advising customers on engine optimisation.

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