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General Info / Overview

Introduction to Shell Marine

Overview of Shell Marine business which focuses on our customer need’s. With Shell Marine, we offer innovative products and technical expertise supported by over 100 years of experience in the marine industry

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June 2017

Marine Pocketbook

A comprehensive portfolio of exceptional lubricants, many of which have multiple functions or specialized applications for the marine industry. This pocketbook is designed as a useful and quick reference for personnel responsible for engineering operations and maintenance in the marine sector.

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June 2017

Product Catalogue

A list of Shell Marine comprehensive lubricants products according to their applications.

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Shell Alexia Range

A portfolio of products designed to meet the needs of low-speed, two-stroke engines.

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Shell Argina Gadinia

Featuring the latest of Shell Marine Argina and Gadinia products. The next generation of trunk piston engine oils.

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February 2017

Shell Naturelle

A portfolio of environmentally acceptable lubricants designed to meet the latest US EPA VGP requirements.

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Technical Services Shell LubeMonitor Process
A cylinder monitoring service using Marine Connect, a new software program that highlights areas for concern or possible optimisation opportunities from Shell experts.
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Shell Rimula R2 – Fishing

Life at sea can be challenging. You rely on your fishing vessel’s engine to deliver your livelihood and get you and your crew home safely. The Shell Rimula R2 oil range reacts to your engine’s needs thereby giving it added protection and longer life, and helping to look after your investment and lower your operating costs.

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Download Shell Rimula R2 Range - Fishing (Chinese)

June 2017
Price List

International Price List

Shell Marine lubricants products list price, ports guide and international customer service center information.

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Technical Services

Technical Services Solutions

A complete information of Shell Marine technical services solutions for customers to overcome operational complexities and reduce operating costs.

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August 2017


Shell Gadinia S3 Offshore

Shell Marine latest trunk piston engine oil, has been developed to reduce oil consumption in modern engines burning distillate fuels by controlling liner lacquering. It is also versatile, thereby helping to simplify operations through its wide range of non-engine shipboard applications.

Download Shell Gadinia S3 Offshore September 2017