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About Shell Marine

Shell Marine is a global business that supplies lubricants and technical support services to the international marine industry.

Why choose us?

Our portfolio aims to give you more flexibility and accessibility to the products where and when you need them.

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To place orders by email or phone, or for any questions you might have: please contact your local International Customer Service Centre (iCSC).

Jetty fitters attaching hoses to the Shell ship Helcion in Geelong, Australia

Marine lubricant applications

Shell Marine offers a wide range of marine lubricants that are designed to help optimise your onboard equipment’s efficiency.

Marine lubricant applications
Two Shell employees talking at the port of Ras Laffan which provides full port agency services to all local and international ships.

Shell Marine products

With our comprehensive range of lubricants, Shell has a long established reputation as one of the leading innovators in the marine industry.

Shell Marine products range

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