Refinery and chemical licensing

Our technology portfolio includes deep-flash, high-vacuum technology that cuts deeper into the barrel; innovative hydrotreating and hydrocracking technologies that can help customers to process opportunity crudes and meet stringent product specifications; Base Oil technology and new-generation reactor internals that can help to increase catalyst utilisation and cycle length. More than 50% of global EOEG production uses Shell licensed processes and catalyst.

Gas processing licensing

We have developed a full suite of gas processing technologies that can help gas plants and refineries to contend with highly complex gas compositions and high-sulphur feeds, and to meet the most stringent challenging environmental mandates. This includes ADIP*-X, Sulfinol*-X, the CANSOLV* SO2 Scrubbing System and the Shell Claus off-gas treating (SCOT*) process, which are designed to remove contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and mercaptans.

*ADIP, CANSOLV, SCOT and Sulfinol are Shell trademarks.

Gasification licensing

Our proven technologies include the Shell Gasification Process (SGP), which enables refiners to convert a wide range of low-value heavy residues into high-value products, and the Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP), which is available in two line-ups to meet different users’ business objectives. These offer a clean and flexible way to monetise refinery residue, coal, biomass or petroleum coke.

Automotive speciality fuels

We draw on the Shell Group’s long history as a leader in fuels technology, and insights and expertise from its fuels-related businesses around the world, when we collaborate on research and development programmes with international car manufacturers. For example, we provide their engine developers with likely future fuels, such as higher-ethanol-content blends, so that they can test their engines’ robustness against a range of potential scenarios.

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