The Customer Wide Web (CWW) offers Shell Global Solutions’ clients a direct connection to a worldwide knowledge base from any Internet-connected computer. In many cases, you will be retrieving global best practices that have taken many years to evolve – a clear example of step-change technology.

The CWW holds more than 100,000 documents, across more than 40 technology areas, that have been produced and refined by our global network of staff. These documents have been distilled from over 50 years of R&D within Royal Dutch Shell plc.

This bank of technical and business knowledge can provide your personnel with research data, project implementation guidance and business insights to help drive the development and implementation of new product and service solutions.

You can access

  • technical reports;
  • published papers and articles;
  • newsletters;
  • fact sheets;
  • presentations;
  • case studies;
  • event information; 
  • discussion forums and 
  • applications such as

   o crude oil assay databases; 
   o distillation oil design guides;
   o materials and equipment; standards and codes;
   o engineering inspection software and guides and
   o online purchasing facility.

We continually adapt our content so that the CWW continues to offer powerful tools, practical advice and reliable information that will help you to address your most pressing issues.

Technical portfolio management

The CWW concept and its design are also available as a company-wide communication system for your business. Take advantage of Shell's design and implementation to license a stand-alone communications platform tailored for secure access by your own internal communities, suppliers, partners and clients. Your own CWW will put you in control of developing tailor-made portals for them to access. Ask us how you can Web enable your company's intellectual property and deliver e-products and services to your internal and external customers.

How do I access the CWW?

The communication capabilities and information resources of the CWW are made available to our clients by licensed agreement.

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