Shell has brought all of its gas expertise together to create the Shell Technology Gas Value Chain pdf, which illustrates the complexity of the Shell gas world and simplifies it into a single story and interactive document.

Natural gas is an affordable and environmentally acceptable fuel for generating electricity. It could also play an important wider role in meet rising demand for energy in a responsible way. State-of-the-art technology is needed to unlock gas resources to meet demand for cleaner-burning fuel. 

Shell offers a portfolio of leading-edge solutions that can help resource holders to take advantage of the whole gas integrated value chain, from finding and producing gas through to the marketing of products.

To navigate through the pdf, click on a process which is numbered on the map to view a brief description.

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Gas processing technologies portfolio

Shell has developed and licensed proprietary gas-and liquids-treating technologies that can help increase production and maximise production of high-value products.

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