The ADIP® process removes hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide from natural gas, refinery gases and off-gas from the SCOT® Shell Claus off-gas treating process, as well as hydrogen sulphide and carbonyl sulphide from natural gas liquids (NGL) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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The Sulfinol® process removes hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, carbonyl sulphide, mercaptans and organic sulphur components from natural gas and synthesis gas from coal and oil gasifiers, and steam reformers.

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The SCOT® (Shell Claus off-gas treating) process enhances sulphur recovery from Claus plant to over 99.9%, and can help to meet the most stringent environmental limits.

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The THIOPAQ O&G process biologically removes hydrogen sulphide from gas streams and recovers it in the form of elemental sulphur in a simple one-step process. Sulphur degassing which includes pressurised degassing, removes hydrogen sulphide and polysulphides from liquid sulphur produced in Claus sulphur recovery units. The process eliminates potential explosion and odour hazards, and the risk to human health. It provides a top-quality sulphur product.

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The Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Carbonyl Sulphide (COS) hydrolysis process catalytically converts hydrogen cyanide and carbonyl sulphide, and has its main application in synthesis gas treatment

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The CANSOLV® SO2 Scrubbing System process enhances sulphur recovery by removing sulphur dioxide post-combustion and recycling it back to the Claus plant. The process offers over 99.9% overall sulphur recovery and can help to meet the most stringent environmental limits.

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Cansolv CO2 Capture System, a leading post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technology.

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The Cansolv TGT+ process for ultra-high levels of sulphur recovery.

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Syngas (Synthetic Gas) Treating process treats syngas to effectively remove HCN, COS, H2S and CO2 and minimise capital expenditure and operating costs for sour-gas processing.

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