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Our range includes:

  • Taylormade fuels- fit for purpose! 
  • Gasoline & Diesel 
  • Ethanol, XTL and FAME blends 
  • Worst, best, average case fuels 
  • Future fuels- Today! 
  • Country / region specific formulations 
  • Single batch reference fuels 
  • OEM partnership projects 
  • Global logistics 
  • Drums, IBC, Bulk 
  • In-house analytics 
  • Access to refinery streams 

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More in Gas Processing Licensing

About gas processing licensing

Shell is both an operator and licensor, leading to optimized value creation and innovative design features across the suite of gas processing technologies.

Gas processing technologies portfolio

Shell has developed and licensed proprietary gas-and liquids-treating technologies that can help increase production and maximise production of high-value products.