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Shell has developed and licensed proprietary gas-and liquids-treating technologies that can help increase production and maximise production of high-value products.

Gas Value Chain

Discover the complex world of gas, from discovery through to processing and end product, through one simple interactive pdf.

The world’s growing energy demand can be met with the help of technologies that effectively address the challenges of managing more complex and contaminated gases. With over 100 years in the energy business and more than 50 years in licensing gas-treating technologies, Shell has developed and licensed innovative, proprietary gas-and liquids-treating technologies that can help to increase production, improve efficiency of operations and maximise the production of high-value products.

Within Shell Global Solutions, a dedicated Gas & Liquids Treating team provides design, technical service and research and development support for a wide range of technologies covering the entire spectrum of gas-and liquids-treating, and sulphur-recovery processes. Combining technical expertise with in-depth knowledge and experience of upstream and downstream processes, the team delivers high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs, comprehensive training and effective troubleshooting for customers. Shell’s technologies are applied worldwide in more than 1,200 plants.

Discover the complex world of gas here with our interactive Gas Value Chain map


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