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‘Shell Global Solutions’ Impact magazine provides information and insights on energy industry issues and trends, new technology, case studies, events and more.

Refinery technology licensing

Shell Global Solutions provides an extensive refining technology portfolio to introduce new hardware into refineries, helping refiners improve refineries margins, by optimising process and equipment performance.

Petrochemical technology licensing

Shell Global Solutions offers cutting-edge technologies that produce advantaged and differentiated products that create market competitive advantage for licensees.

Gasification licensing

Our proven technologies include the Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP) and Shell Gasification Process (SGP), offering a cleaner and more flexible way to monetize refinery residue, coal, biomass or petroleum coke.

Automotive Speciality Fuels


We collaborate on business-critical research and development programmes with international car manufacturers drawing on Shell’s long history as a leader in fuels technology.


Industry Focus

Moving the operating window: An in-depth look at some high-performing revamping and upgrading projects that are helping refiners to capture additional margin from existing assets.

Customer zone

The Global Solutions customer zone offers clients access to a worldwide knowledge base, in many cases retrieving best practices that have taken years to evolve.

Suleyman Ozmen

Industry Leaders’ Viewpoint: SÜLEYMAN ÖZMEN

Süleyman Özmen (VP) discusses refinery margin improvements and emerging technologies in 2016.

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A pipe transporting gas from the Ormen Lange gas field on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Gas Value Chain

Discover the complex world of gas, from discovery through to processing and end product, through one simple interactive pdf.

Gas value chain

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Shell Trading and Supply

Shell Trading Supports the Shell businesses by trading natural gas, electrical power, crude oil, refined products, chemical feedstocks and environmental products.


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