The three flew together in their AT-6 Texans for 12 years, during which Gene McNeely came on to fly part time for a few shows while Steve tended to his family business. Another pilot named Morris Ray flew with the team as well during this time. When Ben decided to retire in 1997, Alan's twin brother Mark joined the team. Steve's schedule allowed him to come back full time, and the group began to fly in their four ship formation. In 2000, the team signed an agreement with Aeroshell, and thus became the AeroShell Aerobatic Team.

Alan was injured in a fall in 2008, and was no longer able to fly. Bryan Regan stepped in, and the team continued on with Alan coaching and staying involved as the team's mentor. In 2010, Jimmy Fordham began helping fill in when the team needed him. 

Today, the AeroShell Aerobatic Team thrills many with what has become one of the highly regarded airshow performance in the world. The team will be the first to tell anyone that without the help of AeroShell, Honda Generators, and its other sponsors and partners that it  would not be where it is today. Working with its sponsors has made this team the success it has become.