Brazil is a relatively new oil-producing country for Shell. We have been marketing oil products there since 1913 and today have significant downstream operations through our Raízen joint venture. Shell was the first integrated oil company to discover oil and gas in Brazil in the 1970s. Since liberalisation of the market in 1998, Shell Brasil’s exploration business has increased rapidly.

Training engineers

Shell Brasil has trained young Brazilian engineers who will help sustain the company through its current growth and into the future. “What we’ve been able to do here is for every senior engineer, bring in a junior Brazilian engineer, who will be here for the longer term,” said Lee Stockwell, who was Senior Petrophysical engineer in the project’s sub-surface team. The training programme has brought career development opportunities to young engineers.

There is a strong need to attract technical talent, especially petroleum engineers, essential to the rapid local development of the energy industry today. Shell’s long presence, recent successes in exploration and production and new prospects place it in a good position to recruit the right people.

New prospects in Brazilian fields

Production started at Parque das Conchas in early July 2009. Shell has been producing from Brazil’s offshore fields since 2003 and has now produced more than 100 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in the country. In total we are present in four exploration and production areas in Brazil.

Brazil currently has more than 20 billion boe in remaining reserves and is expected to be one of the world’s top 10 oil producers by 2020, according to the 2013 World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency. The same study points out that Brazil holds some of the largest discoveries in the world over recent years.

However, unlike at Parque das Conchas, almost all the oil in these newly-discovered fields lies beneath thick layers of salt.

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Forging local partnerships

Building knowledge of local marine life and the fishing industry is vital to producing oil and gas responsibly in waters off Brazil.


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