Elizabeth Holmes, Churchill Club award winner  2015
Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO of Theranos and 2015 winner of the Global Benefactor award

Our relationship with the Churchill Club allows us to contribute to the discussion on energy and innovation in the Silicon Valley epicentre of innovation.

Shell again featured prominently as the Innovation Champion Sponsor at the annual Churchill Club awards – “The Churchills” – in September 2015.

The fifth annual event to highlight excellence in innovation, leadership, collaboration and social benefit for the purpose of inspiring others, honoured winners in four categories.

The award winners were: Former Chairman and CEO of Intel, Andy Grove (Legendary Leader), LinkedIn (Game Changer award), Pixar Animation Studios (Magical Team award), and Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO of Theranos (Global Benefactor award).

Each inspiring honouree shared their perspectives and insights about what is needed to innovate, lead, collaborate and contribute to the greater good. 

The four were selected by the Churchill Club Academy – a group of 700 people representing a diversity of the innovation community, from senior executives and professionals to academics, professors, students and influential members of the press.

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