About The Research

As the world’s largest single-branded retailer, Shell commissioned independent research into consumers’ changing demands for convenience across four retail sectors: fuels, convenience, technology, and fashion. The research analysed the shopping behaviour of 6,000 people across China, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, UK and USA, and also involved 35 qualitative interviews with retail experts and business leaders.

About The Report

Shell’s report, "Beyond the five minute economy: How demand for greater convenience is changing the face of retail", is based on the findings of this research.

Key findings include:

  • 95% of consumers demand convenience in their retail experiences but 78% believe this is about more than simply speed
  • A large Convenience Gap exists when it comes to what consumers want from a retail experience and what they feel they receive.
  • A new sub-group of consumers, known as Convenience Cravers, is emerging across all retail sectors. They view convenience as non-negotiable and are typically big-spending, highly influential and aged between 25 and 34
  • Convenience Cravers will pay a premium for convenience: 25% would pay more to check out faster (compared to 16% of all shoppers) and half of those would pay at least an extra 5%
  • Two in 10 Convenience Cravers say they are likely to purchase additional products as a result of good customer service compared to one in 10 in the wider consumer population
  • 34% of Convenience Cravers would share a negative retail experience
  • 72% of all consumers would lose trust in a brand after an inconvenient experience whilst at least one in 10 say they would walk away completely

What Next?

The report highlights four Pillars of Convenience, identified by retail experts, industry leaders and consumers as the primary drivers of success:

  1. Efficient, high-quality and humanised customer service
  2. A variety of payment methods
  3. A seamless omni-channel retail experience
  4. Great partnerships delivering a choice of quality products

Shell hopes that by delivering against these pillars, it can continue to satisfy the needs of customers in the traditional Five Minute Economy whilst moving beyond it to meet modern expectations of convenience. Similarly, we believe the Pillars can help any retailer evolve their business model and open up new revenue opportunities in today’s highly competitive, convenience-driven environment.

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